Community Harvest

At Community Harvest in Wenatchee GREEN is May’s preferred color!

From Seed Saving with the Salvation Army Youth Club, to learning how to garden in containers at the Kitchen Gardening 101 class, to gleaning 126 pounds of greens (which is a lot of leaves) from Spencer’s Organics, May has brought the return of color and fresh local produce to Community Harvest. Check out these pics of our fabulous volunteers hard at work! 

What can’t YOU wait to harvest this spring? 

Cloudview EcoFarm partners with Community Harvest for the FIRST GLEAN of 2013!

Last week, the Wenatchee fog lifted and Community Harvest received an unexpected winter produce donation from Cloudview EcoFarm located in Royal City, WA. 

What Whitney at Cloudview described as some potatoes, winter squash and yellow onions looking for a home turned out to be 630 lbs of beautiful winter squash varieties like Buttercup & Acorn, 1,120 lbs of fingerling and red potatoes, and 100 lbs of onions. 


                Oh warty Buttercup Squash- how tasty you look! 

Through ingenuity and perserverance Whitney and Hannah the Community Harvest Gleaning Coordinator managed to squeeze all the boxes into every nook and cranny available in between, under, on top of, and beside a 12-person van’s non-removable seats. (Thanks for the van, Wenatchee Valley College!) 

The experience made Hannah, for the first time in a while, appreciate the practical application of high school Geometry:


                  What attractive and impressive passengers! 

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, Cloudview has invited Community Harvest gleaning volunteers back to the farm THIS Sunday to sort onions for a second donation! 

Updates on the success of the Sunday glean will come next week! 

Happy Eating! 

One of the last gleans of the season, we were able to harvest over 900 lbs of apples from a local orchard! It was cold and muddy, but everyone had a great time!

Community Harvest had a successful season, gleaning over 8,500 lbs of food! More importantly, vital connections and collaborations were made which will propel the new gleaning project into a successful 2013 season! Everyone is looking forward to this gleaning project growing and expanding, thank you volunteers and community supporters!

Volunteers from Community Harvest ventured out early Sunday to collect food from both an apple orchard and a corn field. The duel harvest took place outside Quincy, WA. The crew first went to an orchard and were able to harvest over 165 lbs of apples in just over 25 minutes! The fruit was beautiful, just not the right color for the warehouse. In addition to being a great way to get food to folks who need it, this brief harvest was a great educational opportunity for the high school students. One said, “Really, this apple is gorgeous, it won’t be sold for full price? That seems silly.” Next the gleaners drove to George, WA to a large corn field to harvest nearly 700 lbs of sweet corn! The crew donned apple picking baskets to make harvesting the corn easier. None of the volunteers had ever been in a corn field before and everyone was excited to outside on a clear, blue sky day! With all the hard working volunteers this part of the glean only took about an hour. Again, conversations about food justice helping our community be as self sufficient as possible dominated as everyone was excited to be making an impact. At the end of the glean many of the students pledged ongoing support for the project. Gleaning is truly an experience that everyone benefits from; the more we all know about our food the more food secure our communities will be. In total Community Harvest was able to salvage close to 1000 lbs of food in a few hours! 

Some of Eastern Washington’s main crops; tree fruit, onions, corn and potatoes are just starting to come on strong. Community Harvest has recruited some new and engaged volunteers from the local high schools and the organization is ready to get out and glean!